How to Access Remote Desktop from Home

You are able to access your work files and programs from your home computer.

1. Go to

2. Click on the green icon underneath your operating system optionremote

(Double click on one green button)

3. when prompted choose “save as” by your computer to download the button (it is recommended that you save the icon to your desktop making it easy to use

4. You should now see a an icon like this on your desktop Remote2

5. Double click on the icon and wait for this dialogue box and click connect connect

6. When the password and username box appears make sure you use WC\ before your teacher code. The password is your network password


7. You should then be taken to the terminal server page

Note: You will only need to complete steps 1-3 once. The icon will stay on your desktop and you can simply double click it to get access to your school account

If you have any difficulty logging in please email ITsupport