C. Logging into Computer Systems

Network Logon

When you first login to a school computer you will be given your teacher code (two letters) that is your username.

Your password will be given to you and on entering both your username and password into the boxes you will be prompted to change your password.

To change your Network Password

You are encouraged to change your password regularly and ensure it sufficiently complex so that it cannot be guessed by others. We actively discourage use of your own birthdate or your own name when creating a password. Also ensure when entering your password that other people cannot see what you have typed. If you think your account has been compromised change your password immediately.

Hints and Tips for creating a strong password: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-nz/windows-vista/tips-for-creating-a-strong-password

  1. press down and hold keys ctrl, alt + delete
  2. This screen will appear

network picture

3. Choose change a password

4. You will be asked to re enter your password twice

If you forget your password and lock yourself out of the system go to the IT Technician in the Ihub (library) and your password will be reset.

Internet Access

You will be given an internet password, when you open a browser for the first time you will be prompted for your username and password. Enter these in the box (note your internet password does not change)

You are allowed to connect your ipad/tablet and mobile phone to the school wifi. (note these are general device instructions – you may need to see the technician in order to troubleshoot any issues)

1. go to settings on your device

2. choose Waiuku College staff as your network (the name can change but the word staff is the network you want to connect to)

3. enter your Username and password when prompted


the first page that you will see when opening a browser on site is our Learning management system Moodle. You are able to login to Moodle from any internet enabled device as it is a website. Use your Network login to access Moodle when you see this page:

1. If logging in from outside school go to this url http://intranet.waiuku-college.school.nz/

2. In the top right hand side of Moodle you may notice “you are not signed in”



3. Click sign in

a. If you are in the College, you will be taken to this page, enter your network username and password

moodle login

b. If you are signing in outside the College e.g. from home you will see this prompt before you are taken to the login screen above. Click cancel and you will be redirected to the login screen above.

click cancel

Further instructions about how to use Moodle are available on the Moodle page

Logon To Musac

To logon to MUSAC within college

1. On your Desktop look for the terminal server icon and click on it

terminal server

2. Enter your network password and username

3. Look for the MUSAC icon on your desktop (Double click on the icon and wait, it takes a little while to load)

musac icon

4.Enter your MUSAC logon (the one given to you by Mark Nickless) and hit enter twice


(You may need to use your tab key to move between the box Username and password)

MUSAC Web Portal

You are able to complete your rolls in MUSAC directly from the web portal (it loads well and is useful for lessons that are not restricted to a classroom environment).

1. Go to this url http://musac.waiuku-college.school.nz/

2. this page will open – enter your MUSAC Logon

MUSAC web portal

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