Classroom Manager – An Introduction

Open MUSAC and select Classroom Manager(CM) as usual:


Select All Documents or the markbook you wish to use from your Dossiers:

For the purpose of this session we are interested in the “Teacher Columns” and the “Background Columns”.


When the markbook opens you are presented with the following page:


In “Teacher Columns each individual teacher can set up these columns for whatever they wish.  I have used the first column to enter the book number for texts issued:


Think of all those homework grades and one off tasks you record in your markbook.  These can be easily entered here, reducing the paperwork and risk of losing information.

The next area is “Background Columns”.  These are familiar to all, but some changes have been made:


The column headings have been changed to reflect our use of comments.  Column 1 is now LPP Interview.  Any comments relevant to the end of term interview with parent should be entered here.

Comment 2 is now Parent teacher interview.  To be well prepared for these subject based meetings, you can record your thoughts here and print them off for use on the night.

The third column is “End of Year Report”.

It is always advisable to fill in “Reporting Teacher” with your code.  This will ensure your name appears on reports.  Please note that we cannot universally set this. YOU must set it in your own markbooks