Logging in to musac

Logon To Musac

To logon to MUSAC within college

1. On your Desktop look for the terminal server icon and click on it

terminal server

2. Enter your network password and username

3. Look for the MUSAC icon on your desktop (Double click on the icon and wait, it takes a little while to load)

musac icon

4.Enter your MUSAC logon (the one given to you by Mark Nickless) and hit enter twice


(You may need to use your tab key to move between the box Username and password)

MUSAC Web Portal

You are able to complete your rolls in MUSAC directly from the web portal (it loads well and is useful for lessons that are not restricted to a classroom environment).

1. Go to this url http://musac.waiuku-college.school.nz/

2. this page will open – enter your MUSAC Logon

MUSAC web portal