Moodle Request forms

Moodle Forms

As Moodle is growing and more requests are being received, to avoid errors no requests will be processed without the following forms being completed and emailed to Fi.

If you are not a Head of Department or Faculty and wish to request enrolment or a new course please ensure that you cc your HOF into the email request before sending it to me.

(copy and paste the following tables into a new email, complete the information and send to Fi)



Moodle change of Course Name Form


Course Link



Original Course Name


New Course Name



Moodle New Course Request


Area for New Course


New Course Name



Adding users to a course:

Please note that staff should enrol each other on courses. E.g. if a Head of Faculty has access to a course they will need to enrol the new members into the course.

Help: How to add users to a course:

Moodle New User Request


Course Link



Staff Code


Staff Name