A. New Staff ICT Induction

Welcome to Waiuku College, over the last few years the College has introduced a number of new IT systems and procedures in order to:

• create a supportive learning environment
• encourage reflective thought and action
• enhance the relevance of new learning
• facilitate shared learning
• make connections to prior learning and experience
• provide sufficient opportunities to learn
• inquire into the teaching–learning relationship.

Refer to New Zealand Curriculum Document

We also aim to help you work faster and more efficiently when we introduce new technology into our College. Systems are developed and deployed at Waiuku College to engage and enable our students.
How to Use This Document

Logon Information

You will be issued with 3 Logons
1. Network logon – gets you into your Waiuku College account – Issued by our IT Technician
2. Internet password – allows you onto the internet at College – Issued by IT Technician
3. MUSAC logon (MUSAC is our student management and electronic markbook) – Issued by Mark Nickless (Senior Deputy Principal)

Your access to Moodle (our Learning Management System) uses your network logon


You are reminded that you must keep all staff logons secure at all times. It is contrary to Waiuku College’s policies for you to share your password with any other person, including staff and students. What happens on your network space is your responsibility. The only staff member who may legitimately request your password is our IT Technician.

Laptop Use and logon

In order to prevent potential profile issues you are advised to ensure that you always logoff your laptop before attempting to login to a desktop computer or another machine around school.


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